Healthy vs. Toxic Relationships – Are you entertaining toxic people in your life?

Relationships shouldn’t hurt, drag you through an emotional roller coaster or leave you feeling like less of a person.  #toxicrelationship

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy, motivate us, encourage us, inspire us, and enhance us.  #healthyrelationship

If you have people in your life that fits the description of a toxic relationship, do yourself a favor and LET THEM GO.

Me and Mourhia of Profound Coils shot this very important video where we sit and discuss healthy vs. toxic relationships.  Toxic relationships exist to add stress, discomfort, sadness, weight gain, agitation, and hurt into your life.  Watch the video to learn how to remove toxic relationships from your life so that you can be the healthy, confident, sexy person that you were meant to be.

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Chika Obih is a certified holistic nutrition consultant; blogger; and founder of Chika Obih Wellness based in Oakland, CA and offers services virtually, in-person or by phone. Chika is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their own health utilizing the power of wholesome, clean foods and fun holistic lifestyle solutions.  Contact Chika today to set up your free consultation.

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2 thoughts on “Healthy vs. Toxic Relationships – Are you entertaining toxic people in your life?

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